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The Working Group of Swan and Cygnet Woods are a small band of Woodland Trust volunteers, who, having quit their regular lifelong work, enjoy being amongst the trees and the environment by offering their time to help look after them and by getting their hands dirty with saws, loppers and spades.

The group started as fundraising for the Woodland Trust in 1999, but there was a lot of interest in practical work and the group's first job was to plant 1,400 trees.

The Working Group look after Swan and Cygnet Woods, an ancient semi-natural woodland near the village of Stock, just south of Chelmsford. The 13 hectare (32 acres) Swan Wood was bought by the Woodland Trust after a fundraising appeal in  1989. A further 8 hectares (20 acres) was bought in 2000 and new planting was completed and named Cygnet Wood. Most of the day-to-day management activities are carried out by the group, but annual inspections and major works are carried out by the Woodland Trust.


In 2008, a survey found evidence of Dormice in Swan Wood.
If you wish to know more The Essex and Suffolk Dormouse Project, please contact us and we shall pass on your email to Graham Hart.

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Dormice at Swan Wood

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Access:  Swan Lane, Stock.

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We are always interested in hearing from people who want to take an active role in our group, so if you too care about your local woods and want to make a difference, come along one Tuesday afternoon amd meet us.

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 2nd July 2024
 6th August 2024
 3rd Sept. 2024
 17th Sept 2024
  8th Oct 2024
 22nd Oct 2024
  5th Nov 2024
 19th Nov 2024

If interested in joining our group, do contact us to go on a waiting list.